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Yuletide Story Reveal

I'm extremely happy that my recipient liked their yuletide story, especially since this is the first year I've really participated in the holiday challenge. I did sign up for the 2005 New Year Resolutions Challenge, but didn't get a chance to sign up for the main Yuletide challenge that year. The story I wrote can be found here. It's based on the His Dark Materials book series and revolves around Lyra/Will.

This year I wrote a story in the J. Edgar fandom, another first, and the link is below if you are interested in reading it. Any and all comments are lovely and definitely appreciated. :)


Title: Death's Knocking At The Front Door
Fandom: J. Edgar (film)
Pairing: J. Edgar Hoover/Clyde Tolson
Rating: G
Summary: Melvin Purvis has died and Clyde doesn't understand Edgar's response to the news. He wonders how Edgar would react if it had been Clyde who died.


In other news, I heard that the new Sherlock episode was amazing and I'm just waiting for my download to finish, so I can watch it later. I honestly don't remember where I found the first season episodes before, (it's been so long!), so I need to do some investigating, in order to find a place with consistent links.