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dipping my toes back in...

It's been forever and a day and this past year has been an emotional roller-coaster. I've been horrible in regards to social media and my blogging in the past couple of years and I'm working on a revamp of sorts. Gonna starting updating my LJ more often, along with starting a Tumblr and doing more on my professional Twitter account. (No, seriously, I'm sick of not putting myself, and my thoughts about a variety of subjects, out there more regularly). I also need to start commenting more on posts, stories, etc., and I'm looking forward to seeing what a lot of you have been up to recently.

Decided to sign up for Yuletide again this year and I'll be posting my much-delayed Yuletide Author letter here in the next day or so. It'll essentially be expanding a little bit on what I originally put on my sign-up page, but I hope it'll help the author who is writing for me. I'm excited about my assignment and I need to re-watch some stuff in order to refresh my memory about a few details. :)

I'm in a much better place than I was at this time last year, (have a new job, new roommate, new outlook, etc), and I'll go into more details as I start to update more here.