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loving the extra hour of sleep...

1. The online editorial internship is going very well and my supervisor even asked me last week if I would like to pitch a story idea, so that definitely gave me a boost of confidence.

2. I LOVE the Job Search Boot Camp through Mediabistro.com. I've learned a lot already, have started to make some connections, and will be attending a networking event this upcoming Tuesday. *my job is around the corner, I know it*

3. New goal is to finish all the WIPs I have languishing in my Documents folder by the time my birthday rolls around, (December 5). I don't really care if they turn into novel-length stories, as long as they are definitively finished.

4. Need to work on my holiday exchange fic tomorrow, plus organize my fic LJ.

5. Also need to finish reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods, so I can discuss it with ckdutchess. We've formed a mini-book group and AG was our first book. She's also working on NaNoWriMo this month, so we are being a little flexible about when we talk about the book.


New Internship+Help With The Job Hunt

I am now working as an online editorial intern for the travel agent website through Questex Media. I started on Monday and it's going pretty well so far. I get PR releases from my supervisor and I re-write them for the standard of the magazine/website and send them back to my supervisor to be posted on the website. I already have a few uploaded and it's really nice to see my name attached to something I've written again. It's been a long time.

If you are interested in checking out articles written for the travel industry, go to: http://www.travelagentcentral.com/tac-author/nicole-lowary
and you can see all of the articles I've written so far. I work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and I'm also in the process of finding a part-time retail job to work on the other days.

I also signed up for a Job Search Boot Camp through Mediabistro.com and I can't wait for that as well. There will be video chats and guest speakers and tons of resources to help with refining my job search. I'm really looking forward to the speaker that will discuss how to improve your networking skills online and in RL, because that is the area I need the most help in. *keeping fingers crossed*

Hope everyone is doing well this week and I'm going to try and update more often this month.
I finally got a chance to watch X-Men: First Class for the first time and I wasn't surprised to find that I really loved it. :)

But, please tell me I'm not the only one who was slashing the hell out of Hank/Alex more so than Charles/Erik? I definitely understand why people write stories about Charles/Erik, but there was just something about Hank and Alex's interactions that got to me. Maybe it's because I already have my movie fandom where two of the main characters were friends and then fought and broke away from each other, (Hi there Social Network and Mark/Eduardo!!), but I didn't go crazy over the Charles/Erik interactions. I felt bad for both of them at different points and I wanted them to stay friends, but that was about it for me. *shrugs* I did think though that Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were amazing in the movie and they had great chemistry together.

I haven't really looked around for fic or delved into the First Class fandom, but I am wrong to think that there are probably more Charles/Erik stories/sites out there than Hank/Alex? Just curious, (especially since I wouldn't be adverse to reading some Hank/Alex fic).


it doesn't take much...

I can now add two other shows to my pantheon of "TV shows I've become addicted to while searching for work".

NCIS: Los Angeles and Supernatural.

Those two shows are so alike, it's crazy. *snort* My brain and tastes are strange, I swear.

I just finished watching the 3rd season premiere of Supernatural, (on the night when the 7th season premieres, so only 4 more seasons to go!!), and I'm ridiculously addicted. I love watching those two brothers fight evil and be snarky and angsty and willing to sacrifice everything for each other. I've somehow not spoiled myself too badly for the show, (I know that Castiel, the angel, shows up at some point, but I honestly don't know any of the details and I don't want to), and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

NCIS: LA has that same kind of work/family vibe I love with my TV characters and I plan on watching the season premiere sometime this weekend, so I can find out what happened to Hetty.

Also? Tonight is Fringe and Nikita and Haven night and I couldn't be happier. *rolling around in geeky/sci-fi heaven*

Things I Don't Understand

1. How a volunteer writer's group can transform from a "let's encourage everyone who loves to write to come hang out and critique each other's work and continue to pursue the art of writing" to "let's only include those people we like in our little exclusive group where we get to arbitrarily decide who's work qualifies for inclusion in this intensive writing workshop". I literally feel as if I'm back in high school and I was deemed not good enough to hang with the popular kids. I'm still flabbergasted as to how this place I felt so comfortable in, just a few months ago, now makes me feel so damn awkward and ignored. I don't get it. The only good thing is the person who ran this group before emailed me and told me she still loves my story that I wrote this summer and encouraged me to continue it.

2. How I could not find anybody to take over the available room in my apartment a week ago and now I have 30 people vying for it. *am a little overwhelmed*

3. How I continue to not reach the important people in my industry who will actually help me secure a new job. It's frustrating and heartbreaking and exhausting to worry about this on a daily basis.

4. Why I haven't had an appetite for the past three days and wondering when it'll come back.

5. Why, on certain days, no matter what I do, I just don't feel good enough, (having my stories/writing skills rejected twice in one week certainly doesn't help). need to develop a thicker skin

windy and rainy weekend ahead...

An earthquake and a hurricane in the same week.

Gotta love living in New York City. ;)

I have supplies and I'm following the news for updates, and that's all I can do right now. I'm going to spend my weekend inside and pray the power doesn't go out. If it does, there are a lot of books I can read and I could should work on my unfinished stories. I'm just hoping that the flooding won't be too bad in the city. *crossing fingers*


My roommate and friend left today in order to move to Germany. I'm very happy for her, but I'm also going to miss her and now I have the dubious honor of trying to find a new roommate. There were two people who looked at the room recently, but it doesn't look like either one will be moving in anytime soon. If anyone on my friends' list lives in the New York City area and/or knows of someone who needs a room in NYC, please comment or email to let me know. I'll be placing an ad in Craigslist, but if I can find a new roommate through other means, that would be better.

summer full of pretty boys

My summer has been a bit crazy with the continuing, (hopefully will end soon), job search, my writing, trying to find a new roommate, and figuring out how I'm going to pay my bills.

A few quick pop culture things:

-Loved the new Harry Potter film and Captain America. I can not wait for the Avengers film next summer, as well as the new Spiderman movie, (my crush on Andrew Garfield has reached stupidly high proportions and I'll probably be asking for his films on DVD for my birthday. My friend has a crush on Jesse Eisenberg and she joked that watching Social Network YT vids would probably make the both of us cry. Basically TSN is our crack). ;)

-Watching and loving the second seasons of Pretty Little Liars and Haven this summer. I continue to adore Spencer, Toby and Hanna on PLL and Audrey and Nathan on Haven. I can't wait to find out how Audrey, Nathan and Duke are really connected to the overall arc/history of the Troubles.

-Panic! at the Disco are my favorite band of the moment/year/all time. Their concert in May was fucking amazing and I've been loving all the crazy stuff that's come out of the other concerts on their summer tour. I wish they didn't also have to deal with some bad RL stuff, but it's amazing to see how their senses of humor and their friendship has gotten them through the bad days. Brendon's cover of (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding is fantastic and Brendon and Spencer's friendship will always make me smile. :)

-I also re-watched the first three seasons of Merlin to get caught up before the fourth season starts and my opinion regarding a few things has changed slightly.

a couple of rambling opinions about the characters and plot of Merlin. Mild spoilers for the 4th seasonCollapse )


Off to do a bit of writing and to catch up with my emails. If there are any good publishing/editing/writing/assistant type jobs in NYC that you've heard of recently, please pass along the links. I need all the help I can get. ;)
*I entered two writing contests today. One is kind of a big deal over in the UK and could lead to some pretty amazing opportunities, even if I just place and not win the contest. I'm basically keeping my fingers crossed for both contests and keeping an eye out for ones that I can enter in the future. There have been a lot of ideas banging around inside my head lately and I'm working on getting them down on paper/in my computer.

*Toby/Spencer FTW!! (Pretty Little Liars is my summer guilty pleasure and I don't care). ;)

*Why, oh, why have all my soap operas sucked lately? Why have the ones that have been cancelled continue to spiral down in flames and are not even trying to wrap up the story lines in a way that makes sense? *argh*

*Really digging Janelle Monae and Adele lately. Seeing such talented, amazing women doing what they love totally inspires me to do what I love most.

*I seriously want an invite for the new Google+ program/site. I want to see what how it's different from Facebook and whether or not it would work for me. *maybe one day*

Proud to be a NYer!!!

I'm super, super excited and proud to live in a state that has now made gay marriage legal. I can only imagine how insane NYC is going to be this weekend with the end of Pride month. *doing happy dance*


recent TV show favorites

I've been very, very lazy when it comes to updating this journal/sending emails/etc. There have been periods of malaise lately and it's been hard to break out of this perpetual funk. Feeling a little better this week and I've worked up a to-do list and I want need to get some writing done.

So, in honor of this "must write now!" mood, I'm going to babble about some of the TV shows I've gotten hooked on in the past few months.

There might be spoilers for all of the shows I talk about below. If you want to remain completely spoiler-free, you've been warned.


FringeCollapse )

HavenCollapse )

MisfitsCollapse )

NikitaCollapse )

Pretty Little LiarsCollapse )


After writing out that mini-opus about all the TV shows I like now, I've gotten a few ideas for some meta posts in the future. Mainly regarding why I love shows that feature non-biological families, (friends/co-workers that bond together), and how awesome it is that most of my recent TV show favs include strong female lead characters.